PENOBETO LTD - creativity, innovation and partnership for building projects.

PENOBETO LTD established in 2003, with main activity of developments and market implementation of light and composite concrete. It founders have more than 20 years product and technology development experience in The Nederland and Bulgaria.

An important part of company activities is further development of material properties and applications possibilities. Due to its own development PENOBETON Ltd. has tailored products and technologies especially suitable for the local market specific requirements.

PENOBETON Ltd has a fleet of mobile units to service the Bulgarian construction industry and proprietary tailored for the local market products as BETISOL* and BETOTERM*. The system can provide volumes between 20 and 140 m3 a day delivered up to 60 m height.

Our products:


Density range: 200 - 700 kg/m3
Coefficient of thermal conductivity λ10: 0,052-0,12Wt/mC

Thermal and sound insulating, incombustible, easily applicable, resistant to ageing and rotting, with less water intake compared to similar products. Short pay-back time due to materials and energy conservation. Ecological and recyclable.

BETISOL* and BETOTERM* are certified products according Ordinance on the material requirements towards constructions and the evaluation of the construction products conformity and the Act of technical requirements to products:
BETISOL* and BETOTERM* - issued BTA 00-051/ 01.12.2006, BETOTERM*- 772/21.11.2005 .

BETISOL* and BETOTERM* are registered trademarks of PENOBETON Ltd.

Advantages for:

Investor: favorable combination of price, quality and efficiency, resources and time savings

Builder: fast and efficient application, products are made on the job site and delivered to the application point with consistent quality

User: increased level of thermal and acoustic comfort

Architects: more freedom in the design due to advanced materials having a unique set of properties

PENOBETON OOD by leveraging our employees experience and building on the diversity is able to offer our customers tailored and efficient solution for the best price. The guarantee for this is the vast experience of our team in advanced materials, building construction products and technologies, consistent quality of our products and registered trade marks. Young professionals, with fresh ideas allowing effective solutions go beyond the current requirements.