BETISOL application

BETISOL screed spreading

Finished light BETISOL screed


BETISOL* is an inorganic foam, based on hydraulic binders as cement among others. It combines low density with good strength, thermal and sound insulation properties. The material has closed cell structure; its water intake is lower compared to similar construction materials. BETISOL* is incombustible.

BETISOL* is offered in a density range 250-700 kg/m3 and minimum thickness of 5 cm. The density selection and the required product parameters depend on the application, expected static or thermal load and following treatment.

BETISOL*, depending on the application could be made free flowing or viscous. The company ability to tailor the material rheology according to the specific needs facilitate its application and make it favorable choice. A couple of times lower weight of the material decrease a dead load on the construction and allows considerable savings when specified in the project design.

Use of BETISOL* provides to the consumer high thermal and sound comfort of the floor, to the investor and builder-shorter time and savings due to the lighter construction. The speed and the technology of BETISOL* application provide high and consistent quality added value result.

BETISOL* properties

Compression strength
kg/cm2    1)
Thermal conductivity
λ, W/mC
300 7 0,065
400 10 0,085
500 16 0,095
600 21 0,12

1) The reported values are at age of 28 days. 50% increase could be expected within 12 months.

Shown values are according the EN 13172:2001, introduced as a confirmation for application as a Bulgarian standard BDS EN 13172:2004 with permission of CEN, rue de Stassart 36, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium.